Portrait by Christoffer Rosenfeldt

Portrait by Christoffer Rosenfeldt


Hi, my name is Sebastian Falck Stigsby.

I've always had a camera by my side, but mostly as a fun hobby that I had picked up from my father. Even though I'm a native Copenhagen born Dane, my dreams were always to be an NFL (American-Football) player.
After having spent 3 years in the USA chasing that dream, I realized it wasn't for me afterall.

I returned to Denmark, and decided to really focus on different, and former, passions of mine to gain new insight on other aspects of life.
Football had been my only focus. The work ethics of being an elite athlete has carried through all aspects of my life, and photography is no exception. 

email //sebastian@sebastianstigsby.com
phone //+45 22 90 10 20

Content Creator at Vertical Strategy (Qvartz)


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